Paul Ashford Harris

Alberts Bad Day

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Alberts Bad Day

One morning, Bam the Bilby was out foraging for food when he came across his friend Albert the Numbat. Numbats had lived in the scrubland for thousands of years but now, because of foxes and wild cats, there were just a few left. They were small and stripy, with big noses and long, sticky tongues. They ate termites, which were like small, squishy white ants.

Albert was usually busy all day tearing down termite mounds with his claws and feasting on the termites inside. But this morning he was just sitting quietly looking at the sky. "What's wrong with you, Albert?" asked Bam. "Why aren't you eating termites?" Albert shook his head. "I don't know what has happened to me. I woke up this morning and decided I never want to eat termites again. I'm over them. All my life I've had termites for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Termites for morning tea and termites for afternoon tea, termites, termites, termites. I used to love termites but I want a change."

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