Paul Ashford Harris

Koko The Kookaburra Who Couldn't Laugh

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Koko The Kookaburra Who Couldn't Laugh

Lots of birds and animals live in the giant angophora tree that grows in the corner of Granny Gail's Garden. There are lizards and beetles, snakes, ants and lorikeets, noisy miners and crows, magpies and currawongs, white cockatoos and, of course, kookaburras.

Mr and Mrs Kookaburra had a nest in a hollow halfway up the tree. Not too high and not too low - in fact, just about right. It was early summer, the blossoms were out and the sun was warm when Mrs Kookaburra proudly introduced her three new chicks to all the other animals and birds, and to her friend Granny Gail, or GG as her friends called her.

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